If you use a script-driven app on your website and all content that you create is saved in a database, your website hosting plan should include sufficient database storage, so that you can ensure that even if the site grows, you will not experience any type of difficulties due to the shortage of space. PostgreSQL is an example of a widespread database administration system which is used with a number of scalable web applications and if you want high-end performance and reliability for your website, it is more than likely that you'll take advantage of this system. With this in mind, you'll need a web hosting plan that won't bound your online presence, particularly if you want to run a couple of websites and each of them employs PostgreSQL databases.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Shared Hosting

All of our Linux shared hosting were made with the concept to provide you with the option to select the optimal features based on what websites you want to host. If you do not need PostgreSQL databases, for instance, you can choose a plan that doesn't contain this system as standard. In case you change your mind later or in case you'd like to have PostgreSQL from the start, you can always obtain one of the plans that include PostgreSQL support. All the plans include sufficient storage dedicated to your databases, which means that even if your sites grow, you won't encounter any troubles, as some packages come even with unrestricted space. For the entry-level packages, the PostgreSQL storage will be upgraded with just a few clicks through the Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.

PostgreSQL Database Storage in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our Linux semi-dedicated hosting are perfect to host any PostgreSQL-driven script app. One of the variations between the plans is in the number of databases and the storage for them that you receive, to give you an option to choose the characteristics that you truly need. For a smaller-sized site, for instance, you won't need that many system resources, whereas for a large portal, a community forum with a great number of users or a web shop with plenty of items you could take advantage of our top-end plan that contains unrestricted PostgreSQL database storage. Since the accounts are installed on a cloud website hosting platform, all the databases run using an independent cluster and they will not share the resources with other kinds of files. In this way, we achieve two things - better performance of script websites and nearly infinite database storage.